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Why run all over town? We Bring the Store to Your Door.

Let us here at In Home Floor & Window Fashions take the hassle out of shopping
for flooring and window treatments.

When you contact In Home Floor & Window Fashions, we will:
follow these in-links for more detail Let our mobile showroom bring the store to your door, with hundreds of styles
and thousands of colors of today’s most popular flooring and window covering choices.
We are the In Home shopping, sales and installation experts!

Getting started is simple:

Call us:      (262) 995-7090
E-mail us:  appointments@InHomeFloor.com
Fax us:      (262) 995-7179

We Bring the Store to Your Door It’s more than our tag line, it’s the way we do business and it’s a big part of what sets us apart from other flooring and window covering retailers; because it’s all we do. In Home Floor & Window Fashions is Southeastern Wisconsin’s shop-at-home or office flooring and window covering specialist.

Schedule an appointment at a time that is convenient for you

Tell us when it’s convenient for you to have a trained flooring and window coverings professional meet you at your home. Whether it’s during the day, an evening or a weekend, we will dispatch our mobile showroom with hundreds of styles and thousands of colors of today’s most popular flooring and window coverings to your home.

We understand that you have a busy schedule and we want to work around that to make selecting and having new flooring or window coverings installed as easy as possible. Rather than running all over town to collect samples that may or may not match your décor, may or may not work with your lighting or may or may not be suited to your environment, you can relax in your favorite chair while we take care of things.

Scheduling an appointment is even easy with In Home Floor & Window Fashions. Use any of the methods listed below and let us know when it’s convenient for us to get together.

Call us:      (262) 995-7090
E-mail us:  appointments@InHomeFloor.com
Fax us:      (262) 995-7179
or:  follow the link found on any page »»

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Provide a professional consultant to assist in making product selections

Along with our mobile showroom, filled with samples, we will send a trained flooring and window covering consultant to your home. We can assist not only in selecting products that will look great in your home, but also in selecting products that will hold up to your lifestyle and perform well in your environment.

Since we are in your home, where the products will be installed, we can evaluate the areas you would like to cover and make recommendations of products that will be best suited to those areas and to the look and feel you would like to create. Whether it’s carpet, hardwood, laminate, vinyl, tile, stone or an area rug, we have flooring to meet any need and create any feel. From blinds to shades, shutters or custom draperies, we can also assist with window coverings for any window or area of your home.

If you are undertaking a larger project and need assistance with choosing paint colors, furniture, accessories or even remodeling you home, we can arrange for a professional interior designer to help with the whole project. We also have resources and partners to aid in designing and building additions or homes from the ground up.

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Provide a complete selection of samples

When our mobile showroom arrives at your home, it is filled with hundreds of styles and thousands of colors of today’s most popular flooring and window covering choices. We have partnered directly with manufacturers such as Shaw, Beaulieu, Mannington, Daltile, Quick Step, Hunter Douglas, Kathy Ireland Home by Alta and others to bring you the best in flooring and window covering products.

We always have a large representation of products in every category in the mobile showroom, but there’s more where that came from. Let’s say you’re specifically looking for a berber carpet. We can augment the samples that are always in the mobile showroom with additional styles for you to consider.

Also, if you have found a specific product elsewhere that you would like us to match, there’s a great chance we will be able to find it for you.

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Accurately measure your floors and windows

Our consultants are specifically trained to properly and accurately measure the areas you would like to cover. We use the latest technology to measure your floors and windows accurately and quickly. We measure on the same visit, so you don’t have to schedule a separate appointment.

Our flooring measurements are transferred to a computerized system to aid us in ensuring that we make the best use of materials and create the best possible installation. We can show you seam placements, material usage and layout so you’re sure you are getting the best value for your dollar.

We can also easily compare examples using different materials in different areas of your home and can change those layouts with just a few clicks.

We accurately measure for window coverings to ensure a proper fit. This will not only create an installation that looks better, but one that also functions properly. Properly fit window coverings not only function better, they do a better job of controlling light and insulating against drafts.

We also keep you measurements on file, just in case you want to make any changes down the road. That way, we don’t have to schedule a separate appointment to come out and re-measure.

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Provide a written quote for your project including professional, guaranteed installation

Since we have selected the products you would like to have installed in your home and measured to determine the quantities you will need, we can also provide you with an accurate quote for the job; all in one convenient visit.

Our written quote includes all the necessary materials to properly complete the installation. Because our trained consultant is in your home from the start, they can evaluate the areas for installation and address any challenges up front so there are no surprises later. We can plan ahead to address moving furniture and / or appliances, removal of existing flooring, subfloor repairs and other considerations, rather than holding up the project later.

Our quotes also include professional, guaranteed installation. Our installers are trained and skilled in their craft and we back them up with a guarantee on our workmanship as well as the products we install.

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Coordinate and manage the installation of the products you choose

When you sign the quote and accept our proposal, we’re far from done with your project; that’s actually when our work begins.

Our trained project manager will coordinate ordering and delivery of the materials necessary to complete your project. Your materials will be shipped through our warehouse in Milwaukee or Kenosha, depending on the type of product and location of your job. We will then arrange for the delivery of materials to your home.

We will also schedule the installation of your flooring or window treatments with one of our skilled and trained installers. Your consultant will communicate the details of your job to the installers and forward a copy of the layout and material use plan to them. Your consultant will also visit the job during the installation to follow up and ensure that any questions are answered and any issues are dealt with quickly and properly.

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Follow up to ensure your complete satisfaction

To ensure your complete satisfaction with the products you have selected and the installation of those products, your consultant will perform a walk through with you after the projects completion. Only then will the job be signed off as complete.

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